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What is Iskan?

Iskan is a technical passport for a house, apartment or complex, its presence indicates that the building is habitable and meets all standards and is built according to the project. This passport confirms the acceptance of the building into operation by the municipality.

There are two types of Iskan in Turkey:

Genel Iskan – technical passport of the building. This document confirms that all construction standards have been met and the building can be put into operation.

Ferdy Iskan. (Ferdi Iskan) – technical passport issued to each apartment, issued once to the owner of the apartment.

The legal procedure for registration and construction ends when the building receives the technical passport of the object (Iskan). According to the Law on Building and Land Use Sayılı Imar Kanunu (Article 3194), the construction must be completed within 5 years from the date of receipt of the permit.If the claim is not received within this period, the construction permit may be revoked. After the facility is built and all the necessary work has been done, the construction company submits all the necessary documentation to the municipality (belediye). After checking the documents, all departments put their signatures and seals on the general Iskan.

Individual technical passport for the apartment (yapı kulanma izni) – Ferdi Iskan – the owner of the apartment draws up after purchase.Ferdi Iskan includes all the technical information about the apartment and the building. This claim is issued at the first sale of the apartment. When buying a second home, it should already be sought. If it is not available, you can get it from the municipality.

The existence of an Iskan shows that your real estate object is built according to the project and standards, accepted and put into operation.

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